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The Sanctuary Concerts
At the Presbyterian Church
240 Southern Boulevard, Chatham, NJ

973.376.4946       boxoffice@sanctuaryconcerts.org 


"A Revered Stop For Folk Musicians." -The Star Ledger   

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We're guessing that you, as a performer or agent, don't have time for guesswork and wheel-spinning in the booking process. So, the Sanctuary Concerts uses a "transparent booking" method. That is, we've laid out below exactly what you need to know to get booked in our series. After you've sent us your information, we'll (1) confirm that we've received it; and (2) give you a quick and unequivocal answer when you follow up with us. 

Here's what you need to know.

What Kind of Music Do You Book?

The Sanctuary Concerts books contemporary acoustic songwriters and groups.  We very rarely book all-instrumental artists, traditional folk music, cover artists, or rock or pop performers. Look at our list of past performers as a guide.

Our feature performers are usually well-known national touring artists (Marc Cohn, Nick Lowe, Roseanne Cash). Our opening performers are emerging artists looking to increase their following in our area. We do not expect our openers to have any draw in New Jersey.

Sounds Like A Fit. What Do I Do Next?

Please send a bio and a full commercial CD or tape (not a 3-song sampler, and not a home-reproduced recording) to me at 6 Victory Court, Dover, New Jersey 07801-8323. My tinny computer speakers will not present your music well, so I can't book from music samples on the Internet. However, I'm happy to rely on your Web page for reviews, lists of places played, pictures, etc., so you need not send those in hard copy.

How Will I Know Where Things Stand?

I will send you an email confirming that we've received your materials. Chances are, you won't hear anything more from us until we want to set a date (which may be many months later). So, don't be a stranger. Write or call as many times as you like, asking whether you're on the "to-book" list and whether there are any opportunities coming up. You'll get an unequivocal, straight answer. Of course, follow-up is not a requirement: even if we don't hear from you, if there's a fit you'll still be on the list for a future booking.

What Is The Timing On Your Booking Process?

We book roughly 6-12 months in advance. We book year-round, although there are two most-active booking periods: March/April for booking the following fall/winter, and August/September for booking the following spring.

What Do You Pay Performers?

Our feature performer receives a guarantee plus a percentage of the gross ticket sales after a "split point" to cover our basic expenses and a small presenter's profit. 

Openers receive $200. 

We also handle CD and merchandise sales without fee, and we have arranged steeply discounted hotel rates nearby.

We home-cook dinner for all of our performers and staff, and our dinners have become a well-known hallmark of our concert series.

Openers play one thirty-minute set, and feature performers usually two 45-minute sets. We ask that feature performers not book other shows in the north and central NJ area within the 30 days before or after our event.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

The shows take place in the beautiful sanctuary space of the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, which is in the central part of the State. The 425+ seats are arranged in 17 rows of pews plus a balcony. There is a Steinway grand piano for performers' use, and we own a Yamaha P120 digital stage piano as well.

We use a full professional sound system (16-channel Allen & Heath MixWizard board, outboard reverb/delay, dual channel Behringer Ultragraph EQ, dual 800-watt QSC power amps, Bulldog monitors, EV 1502 15" speakers, Shure microphones).

The Sanctuary Concerts are a "listening room" series: The audience is deeply appreciative, and there are no refreshments, merchandising, or other distractions in the concert space.

Mike Del Vecchio, Presenter